I thought I’d take a moment for a personal post today. For the past four years my full time job has been running my photography and multimedia company. 18 months ago however, I started my new job as stay-at-home daddy to Zoey Labrozzi. Balancing both being a photographer and a dad has definitely had its ups and downs. With constant shoots and photo edits paired up with a growing baby who requires a lot of your attention, striking a balance between getting work done and raising a child has been both exhilarating and exhausting. My website/blog and Facebook page have certainly suffered from the lack of time!

But the truth is I wouldn’t trade doing either for a million bucks. Doing what I love, and raising this little person that has shown me love has no bounds has been an incredible experience, and I consider myself lucky to be able to do both. Of course the added benefit is being able to chronicle my daughter’s life in photos. So I wanted to share her today, from first newborn photo, to yesterday’s 18 month “birthday”. I photographed her once a month for her first year, then took a break until she reached the 18 month mark. Seeing her grow and change in these photos is beautiful, and I am so proud to share them here. Enjoy!

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Recently I was hired to create a family portrait of a lovely (but large) family while everyone was in town visiting. I love doing large single portraits like this, but they can be very challenging.

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I recently had the great pleasure to photograph a lovely couple who are excitedly expecting their first child, a baby girl. We started our maternity shoot in the beautiful new nursery in their apartment, followed up by some more in Riverside Park. Please join me in congratulating them on their upcoming arrival!

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I’m playing a little catch up with the website on this sunny memorial day weekend! So I thought I’d share a preview of a wonderful family I was privileged to photograph. We’ve got three generations of Sag Harbor’s Fordham family as photographed on Haven’s Beach. The kids did an amazing job, and so did the adults! ;-)

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I was happy to be a part of the MS Society’s Climb to the Top 2014 event this morning. My good friend Lori is the team captain of the Manhattan Society Climbers who for two years in a row have been the top fund raising team for the entire event. This year they raised a staggering number for the MS Society; nearly 40 thousand dollars! The event itself sees the participants climb all 66 flights of stairs to the very top of Rockefeller Center, a feat in and of itself. I was on hand to capture the team photo as well as individuals of all the climbers. Please join me in congratulating them on their monumental accomplishments in helping out those suffering from multiple sclerosis. Here are the photos!

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Hello 2014! I’m behind on blogging, but had an amazing (albeit super busy) fall. I hope to post more examples of the many wonderful shoots I completed in 2013 soon, as well as some new 2014 shoots!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a preview from a session with one of my favorite families! Photographed in Sag Harbor, NY the Hester family wanted to capture some fall photos with some of the home town harbor charm that only Sag Harbor can bring. So we headed down to Long Wharf and Marine Park to capture some family fun. Sag Harbor always embodies the true Hamptons in my mind, and we had so much fun playing with the location’s many wonderful features to get some really great images packed full of love. Enjoy!

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Well, I had an absolutely amazing time this past weekend photographing the wedding of the year! Beautiful bride Ann Marie married her sweetie, Andrew, in Sag Harbor, NY and I was lucky enough to capture all the incredible moments. From getting ready to cutting the cake there was so much love and happiness. The bride had everyone using the hashtag, #SagHarborLove and that was exactly what we captured throughout the day in local spots like Long Beach, Main Street in front of the big Sag Harbor theater marquee, the Corner Bar, the beach by the Windmill, and finally B. Smith’s for the reception.

But I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Congrats Andrew and Ann Marie!!!

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There will almost certainly be another blog post to follow with more photos of these cuties but I loved this and wanted to post it right away. This weekend I headed upstate to Brewster, New York to capture these two beautiful twin girls. They were absolutely adorable in their tea party finest and you could tell they really loved each other. Even here I feel like I caught them mid-conversation.

Sophia and Keira's Tea Party

I know the blog has been very quiet as of late, but I promise it’s only because I’ve had my hands full with this little bundle of joy!

This is my daughter, Zoey Sofia born on May 6th at 6 lbs. 4 oz. and 19 inches long. This photo was taken at 11 days, and she’s the model of my first newborn photo attempt. I photograph lots of kids, some only a few weeks old, but this is the first shot at the newborn type of photograph. I think it came out pretty good, but I’m biased… :)

Zoey Sofia Labrozzi

Prepare for cuteness overload! This weekend I headed out to Long Island City to photograph a lovely couple and their absolutely adorable 4 month old husky puppy, Maverick! I couldn’t wait to share some of the photos from this shoot because Maverick was not only so much fun to photograph, but a highly photogenic pup to boot! As for the location we made great use of Gantry Plaza State Park, located right on the water in Long Island City, Queens. It’s a beautiful spot with incredible views of lower Manhattan. Now onto the cuteness!











I love superheroes. Always have, always will. When I’m not working on my photography I still love to sit down with a good comic book. So I recently sat and thought, what better way to combine two of my favorite things than to photograph superheroes!? So I’m happy to announce an ongoing series in which I hope to create some really great photos of various heroes. And I’m starting things off with…



Cosplayer: Bryan Bennett
Character: Aquaman
From: DC Comics, Aquaman
Photographer: Pete Labrozzi

I was inspired to create this Aquaman composite from a photo I took at New York Comic Con in 2012. This is by far the best Aquaman costume I’ve ever seen, so I felt it needed an appropriate setting without all the background clutter of the con floor. He is the king of the seas after all!

Here’s a little preview from a two year old birthday party I photographed this past weekend!

Adorable little Lucy celebrated the big *2* with her mom, dad and older sister, and a bunch of family and friends!

They made excellent use of the Gymboree Play & Music space as they climbed, crawled, jumped and slid on all the great play objects. Then it was pizza and cupcake time which did not disappoint!

Happy birthday Lucy!

Lewis Birthday Preview

Lewis Birthday Preview

Lewis Birthday Preview

Lewis Birthday Preview

Lewis Birthday Preview

Here is a photo I’m very proud to be showing after quite a lot time of work!

Haleakalā Observatory

Haleakalā Observatory

What you see here is the Haleakalā Observatory in Maui, Hawaii. The photo itself is a panorama stitched together from 9 photos which in turn were made up of 27 separate exposures.

At an elevation around 10,000 feet the observatory sits atop one of the highest points in Maui and as you can see, rises even above the cloud cover. It was one of the most amazing spots I’ve ever been in my life, and I’m so happy to be sharing it with you!


As was mentioned previously I showed some of my photos in the recent HPA/OVEREXPOSED photography show in Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, N.Y.

The show was wonderful! I had such a great time showing my work and meeting and seeing the work of other very talented photographers. The turn out for the event was great and I even sold one of my photos! I want to send a big THANK YOU out to Hamptons Photo Arts and Framing for sponsoring the event and Laurie Barone-Schaefer for putting the event together! Here’s a couple of photos from the event:

Pete and his Photos at HPA/OVEREXPOSED

Pete and his Photos at HPA/OVEREXPOSED

Rick Gold and Pete Labrozzi at HPA/OVEREXPOSED

Rick Gold and Pete Labrozzi at HPA/OVEREXPOSED

A Glyn Dewis Inspired Self-Portrait…

I recently discovered the work of UK photographer and retoucher, Glyn Dewis. Part of being a good photographer is always seeking out the work others have done for inspiration. Another part is using what you find and like to practice new skills to hone your own style.

Glyn does a lot of amazing work, but some of his stuff that’s most fun to me is his cartoony style portraits. So a few days ago I gave it a shot and did similarly styled self-portrait. It came out a little goofy (which is good), and my wife says scary, but I really like it nonetheless. I’d really like to do a set of these in the future with some wacky characters. What do you think?

My Glyn Dewis Inspired Self-Portrait

My Glyn Dewis Inspired Self-Portrait

A Facebook Milestone…

Today I hit 600 “Likes” on my Facebook business page. I really appreciate all the amazing people who’ve stopped by my page and generously read/liked/commented on my posts and page. The only thing better than making photographs is being able to share them with the world. So thank you all who continue to stop by.

You can “Like” my page in the box on the left if you’re reading this on my blog, or by heading over to the page here: https://www.facebook.com/PeteLabrozziPhotography

HPA/OVEREXPOSED PosterIf you live in the Long Island area, or even if you don’t but want to see a really great photography exhibit, I invite you to come check out OVEREXPOSED presented by Hampton Photo, Arts and Framing. The exhibit will feature 50 photographers, including yours truly, and will be taking place this upcoming weekend, February 23rd and 24th.

Here’s some of the details…

Saturday, Feb. 23rd 5:30 – 11:00pm
Sunday, Feb. 24th 10:00 – 4:00pm

Ashawagh Hall
780 Springs Fireplace Rd @ Old Stone Highway, East Hampton, NY

Additional details are available over at HPA’s website: HPA/OVEREXPOSED

And you can join the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/127619744076710/

I hope to see you there!

The new Pete Labrozzi Photography Logo!
Every so often there comes a time when I feel the need to shake things up around here. As it happens, that time is now!

I’ve had a little extra time lately to put some work into the site, so it’s been slightly revamped over the old version. Mostly the changes are little fixes and pretty-ups here and there. However there has been some bigger changes, for example all new portfolio galleries. I have changed the system over to be a side-scrolling gallery with much larger image thumbnails and the ability to click on any photo to see a larger version. This is something I’m really excited about as it’s now much more user-friendly and really showcases my work nicely.

The other big change is a revamp to my logo. While the “Pete Labrozzi Photography” text remains the same, I added in an extra colorful graphical element and my new tagline which I think sums up both my photography and myself nicely; “Vibrant. Fun. Photography.”

There’s also lots of little functional changes, like the little icons on the bottom right which link to my Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and many more. So please feel free to join me if you see the logo of your favorite social network! You can also now comment on any post using your email, Facebook or Twitter account. And share any pages or photos you like on those sites as well as Pinterest and many more.

There’s still more changes to come, but please check out the site and let me know what you think! And as always, thanks so much for stopping by!


Feeling Catty…

Feeling Catty...

Another great shot of Nel from Saturday Morning Cosplay as the Eartha Kitt version of Catwoman.

Decided to mess with some contrasty black & white tones for this edit and I like how it came out. What do you think?


Anagnostos Engagement Preview

I joined this newly engaged pair downtown at Battery Park the other day for an engagement photo shoot.

They were such a sweet couple and we got a lot of great shots at some fun locations around the southern tip of Manhattan.

Please join me in wishing them well as they prepare for their wedding day!

Click here to visit/like my photography page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PeteLabrozziPhotography

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement

Anagnostos Engagement


Banchitta Family Preview

Working through some edits and had to post this. What a cutie!

Certainly one of my favorites from this shoot!


Family Photo Photoshop Fix!

Question. What do you do when a nice photo of mom and dad is suddenly intruded on by a small yellow elbow?

Answer! Photoshop to the rescue!

After a bit of time I’ve restored the missing portion of mom’s leg, the rock and the water. No more distracting elbow! Photo saved!

God, I love Photoshop…